Railway investigation process

The investigation process depends on the circumstances surrounding each serious accident, accident or incident. In this way, each investigation is unique.


Generally seen, the investigation process adheres to a strict structure illustrated below in three flow diagrams.



The investigation process always begins with a notification to the Accident Investigation Board (AIB) of a serious accident, accident or an incident. The notification is either by an "immediate report" by phone or by a "3 day report" submitted by e-mail.


On the basis of the notification, the railway duty officer determines the initial response in the form of "immediate deployment", "postponed deployment/no deployment" or "not within the work scope of the AIB".


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The first-hand evaluation of the information may lead to two different responses illustrated below; an "immediate deployment" with a full investigation or a "postponed deployment/no deployment"  with a less complex investigation.


In practice, an investigation process is often a combination of the two processes, which depends on the gathered information during the investigation.


Immediate deployment

When the railway duty officer launches a deployment, a complex and prolonged investigation - involving many partners and partial investigations - begins.


The principal lines are illustrated via the below flow diagram:

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Postponed or no depolyment

When the aviation duty officer finds no need of an immediate deployment, the further investigation process (form and extent) is dependent on the results of the preliminary investigation.


A less complex investigation will be conducted, which is illustrated in the following flow diagram:



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